Hello! My name is Chester!

I am a Filipino-American Photographer based in Las Vegas, Nevada. I love to work on Portrait/Fashion photography, but I also dabble on weddings and events!

My first time ever picking up a camera was about 8 years ago. Funny enough, I barely did photography! I loved creating little skits and vlogs that were super weird...and cringey. In the end I absolutely LOVED what I was making. From picking up my camera to now, I always had ONE goal, which is to CREATE! I love having the liberty to do whatever I want.

I can always create my visions to life.

I started doing photography 5 years ago, casually taking photos of my backyard, plants, friends, and family. I left my job as a waiter in 2019 to be a Full-time Photographer! Woop woop! It has been a CRAZY ride and I am learning to be the best of what I can be!

I love being behind the camera and capturing the raw moments. It is such an honor to be the one capturing YOUR memories! From portraits to weddings, it is my job to keep snapping away.

Let's create.